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Goldanniyatech Overview

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What is Goldanniyatech?

Goldanniyatech is a one-man 3D Software Development and Self-Publishing Studio. Based in Paris and founded by myself (Yoann AMAR ASSOULINE) in November 2021, my objective is crystal-clear: being devoted to creating the most marvelous and enthralling 3D games possible.
Driven by an unfathomable passion, the substantial amount of freedom I have by being a solo 3D Software Developer is overwhelming, yet extremely important: I firmly believe that working as a solo dev is the only way for me to achieve very specific results.
From creating every single 3D object to programming (or scripting) every part of the gameplay, every project will be entirely crafted by myself (unless stated otherwise) and from scratch with various professional software, in order to create the most accurate content.


Golden Project

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The Golden Project (Provisional Title) is a 3D Action-Adventure Game settled in a fantasy Open World.
More information soon.